Peterborough Leaps into Action on May 12

Leap Into Action Poster1In our first two meetings we discussed possible local actions that we can take to implement aspects of the Leap Manifesto. At our next public meeting on May 12th from 7:00 to 9:00 at Trinity United Church we will use some time to consider possible immediate actions, ones that are concrete, urgent, meaningful, local, and achievable in a short time.

We have some exciting new resources for a couple of the groups: Herb Wiseman will reinforce the Bank of Canada group, and Chris Magwood will join the Green Economy group.


  • Introduction – 5 minutes. Thanks, welcome to newcomers, explain purpose and process of meeting. For newcomers we will introduce the topic areas of the workshops.
  • Presentations – 10 minutes. Workshop groups that have already selected an immediate action will take 2 minutes to present it to give a sense of what such actions might look like.
  • Workshops – 1.5 hours. Everyone is invited to join a workshop of their choice. Each workshop will work as they wish either on details of their chosen immediate action or on selecting an immediate action or on further developing their larger ideas. If during the workshop any new group identifies an immediate action they will have the opportunity to present it to the entire group at the end.
  • Presentations – 10 minutes. Workshop groups who did not already present an immediate action will be invited to present one if they want.
  • Closing – 5 minutes. If we have time we will show the “100% renewable by 2050” video that we missed last time.
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