Some of the Leap workshop actions

The picture above from the Peterborough Examiner coverage of last Thursday’s meeting shows Roy Brady explaining the “Keep PDI Public” immediate action that the Corporate Trade & Divestment workshop has chosen.

Transportation: The goal is to increase credibility and strength of the municipal planning document by showing a high level of interest. As many people as possible should call the City of Peterborough Planning Department at 705-742-7777 x1880 and request a hard copy of the draft of the new Official Plan. We will read it, and bring comments and suggestions to our next meeting. A high volume of people requesting this document will indicate a high level of interest in the subject.

Bank of Canada: The goal is to increase awareness of and understanding of the issue through public education. First immediate action is to schedule a town hall meeting in Peterborough with Rocco Galati to discuss the law suit against the government of Canada. Longer term action is to approach council to adopt a motion to approach the Bank of Canada to finance municipal infrastructure investments. One local Councillor needed as champion of this idea.

Renewable Energy and Conservation: The immediate action is to generate local acceptance for the transition to renewable energy, by comparing Peterborough with Karlstad, Sweden, a city that has already gone green. The cities are of comparable size with similar climates; both are on water and have universities, GE plants and strong hockey teams. The comparison will be done through print and web articles, with the long term possibility of a formal twinning of Peterborough with Karlstad to help bring a wider audience.

Corporate Trade and Divestment: The goal is to prevent privatization of PDI. Immediate action is to hold a conference to assemble the groups and individuals already working or intending to do so to try to work as a strong, coordinated team to prevent the sale for May 30, 6 pm, at the Peterborough District Labour Council office. At the conference we would note the work already done, the actors in attendance and what contributions could still be made.  Then we can plan strategies to follow, involving the best resources at hand, how to remain organized and united, and whatever else is recommended at this conference.

Peterborough Pollinators. Visit the web site to see their vision of citizens engaging in a local climate-change focused activity to build pollinator gardens throughout the city. Attend public meetings on the third Tuesday of every month from 3-5 at Ecology Park.

Delivering Community Power. Learn how our Canada Post outlets can become a chain of banking outlets, centres of community care and economic development, while bringing emissions down. Register here for a free information session on Thursday May 26, 2016, 6:30-9:00 at Peterborough Community Lions Centre 347 Burnham Street or at or 705.243.5585 x 7.

We’ll post other actions here as we get them.


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  1. Just a note to say that if any inquirer gets this far, there is no easy way to connect with a group. Well, I guess the person could fill this out as I am doing. I am looking for contact info for the groups, to pass on to an interested person who is not on email.

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