100% by 2050 in Canada

Here is the video presented on CBC News that we had planned to show at last weekend’s Leap Manifesto Peterborough meeting.   The video refers to the work of Mark Jacobson  from Stanford University. The image below shows a possible projected mix of energy in Canada in 2050 and the number of 40 year jobs created building and operating the energy system. … Read more…

Second Citizens Climate Action Forum

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About 75 people met again at Saint Paul’s Presbyterian Church on Saturday, March 19th to continue to develop the ideas that we discussed on February 2. After selecting either a new workshop from the first meeting, or a new one, each of the workshop groups began by imaging the world as it would be in 2035 when we landed from … Read more…

Leap Day Gathering

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About 20 of the Leap Manifesto – Peterborough organizers met on Leap Day at the Crazy Piano to chat over a beer or two, listen to some inspiring poetry and some mellow music. Of course the topic of the Leap Manifesto was not far from anyone’s thoughts.

First Citizens Climate Action Forum

On February 2 about 175 people showed up to discuss how we could localize the Leap Manifesto, that is how we could define actions on the personal, community, and political levels to help try and avert the worst impacts of climate change. We broke into 10 tables covering categories that ranged from poverty and wealth inequality to indegenous knowledge and … Read more…