Local Leap Proportional Representation Meeting

Sixty people gathered last Tuesday night to hear the Local Leap Proportional Representation working group present information about the positive relationship between Proportional Representation and Climate Change. Alanna Morgan discussed flaws in our current system that lead to excessive centralization of power,  Peter Morgan showed how Canada compares unfavourably to PR-using European countries when it comes to fighting climate change, and Herb Wiseman discussed how our worldview must change to fully embrace a carbon-free future.

The featured speaker was Kelly Carmichael from Fair Vote Canada. She talked about how our government was failing to keep its promise to reform our voting system and how we could further advocate for proportional representation. After the main presentations, we broke into our regular working groups. Many people stayed to discuss PR with Kelly, while the other working groups met to advance their plans.

See you at our next meeting, on Tuesday, March 21.

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