ReImagine Peterborough at Leap

Over 40 people met last Tuesday evening under the guidance of ReImagine Peterborough to provide their input into Peterborough’s Official Plan based on six planning theme areas that loosely match the Leap working group topic areas.

After a greeting and period for participants to introduce each other in small groups everyone chose a theme area and met for an in depth exploration of what we want related to that theme. Everyone had an opportunity to switch to another group for a shorter discussion. At the end of the evening each group leader reported a few of the observations back to the main group.

How We Live explored the question “What do you want to find in easy reach of your neighbourhood in 20 years?” This touched on housing, parks, markets, community gardens, shared infrastructure. Detailed notes are here.

How We Green explored the question “10 and 20 years from now what signs of a healthy environment do you want to see around you in your neighbourhood and in the city? ” This addressed specific issues such as water, natural heritage features, energy conservation, air quality, climate change, urban forest, and access to local food.

How We Grow explored the question “How should the vibrant spaces we want be developed over the next 20 years?” This addressed cultural heritage resources, urban design, public art, archeological resources.

How We Move explored the question “When you think about living in the city in 20 years from now how will you be getting around. In this way they addressed  specific issues such as private vehicles, transit, walking, cycling, and the infrastructure required for each of them.

How We Prosper explored issues by answering the question “What do you picture Peterborough’s economic strengths being in 20 years?” Answering this question took participants into area of public infrastructure, downtown business vibrancy, and sustainable local businesses.

How We Choose addressed the question “How would you like to see the city engage citizens in making changes to our neighbourhoods?” The discussion explored ideas such as advisory committees, more and earlier information, ethical conduct codes, and good governance practices.

Here are some photos and images of the notes that were taken during the evening.

We will publish details here from each of the theme areas in the next few days as they become available.

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2 thoughts on “ReImagine Peterborough at Leap”

  1. Hello , I am writing from the Muskoka area. I have just learned about the existance of the Leap Manifesto and was checking out what’s going on in Peterborough . I love that there is such an active community there!
    Myself along with a few of my friends would like to meet some of the organizers and maybe come to one of your meetings if that was possible. Thanks for your help.

  2. Kim,
    Great to hear from you. We are actually meeting today at 1:30 at Sadleir House, 751 George Street North to plan for our future, including our next public meeting. You are welcome to join us if you can get here so quickly. Otherwise, I’ll let you know when our next organizing meeting is as well as our next public meeting.
    Guy Hanchet


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