News from Leap Peterborough

Someone pointed out to me a few days ago that Leap Peterborough has been quite inactive, at least as far as you can tell from our web site. I promised to correct that.

Much of our efforts have been directed towards an event to be held on Friday June 1 at Millennium Park. The event’s title is “Reconciliation”, and you should see publicity starting in the next couple of weeks.

Oh, yes, I’m sure you noticed that the sale of PDI to Hydro One has miraculously gone away. The Save PDI coalition has had a beer to celebrate, even though the celebration is so far after the fact. It feels a bit like winning an Olympic medal a year later after the opposition has been found out taking drugs – not really the same as being on the podium, but a win is a win.

We would like to think that the pressure we applied made a difference. Here is what Joel Usher had to say.

“Had the people of Peterborough not been so passionate in their resolve, I suspect the final offer would have been much lower and the conditions far more favourable for Hydro One.”

Now we need to make sure that Peterborough will not be sideswiped again. First, we must all work to elect progressive councillors. And second, we must work with PDI to figure out how to harness the local control we fought for.

While you are here, check out this ten minute video that shows the ten takeaways from the Courage to Leap event that was held in Ottawa on February 15. Maybe think about how these ideas can influence our behaviour in the upcoming municipal election.

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