Facilitator Tips

The facilitator’s role is to:

  • ensure everyone gets heard
  • keep the discussion on topic, and on schedule to help the group meet its goal
  • help the group to recognize, acknowledge and respect everyone’s point of view, and level of knowledge
  • create a safe space for the group to learn together

Quick Techniques:

  • use a talking stick. The person holding the stick gets to talk.  Everyone has a chance to speak (or pass) before anyone gets a second chance to speak.
  • Encourage the group to talk in pairs/threes to include shy voices to participate
  • If the group appears to have very diverse opinions, ask and record what people expect from the meeting. Be clear about what is possible, and what isn’t on the agenda.
  • If needed, develop a list of common values regarding behaviours to acknowledge what the group will tolerate/expect.
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