How We Live: Complete Communities

First Group

1. What are your interests?

  • Walking: interconnected paths, visual interest in the city
  • Diversity and inclusiveness: mixed neighbourhoods, celebrate differences
  • Accessible: freedom of mobility and care for the vulnerable
  • Affordability: housing
  • Sustainable city: environmental. Social, cultural, economic
  • Social Ecology:

2. What do you want to see happen?

  • Take back the streets from automobile domination: engage active transportation and integrated design practices. (2 local examples are Bethune Street reconstruction and Stewart Street community plan)
  • Green space & parks: develop, enhance, maintain. (2 local examples are the Zoo and Harper Park)
  • Long term Plan: implement the vision
  • Continue to support the many active groups in town: affordable housing, sustainability, accessibility, poverty, food, etc. (local example: The Mount)

3. What else is connected to your interests and what would you support? What runs contrary to your vision? (our group didn’t really land on a good question here – there were too many – so the responses were varied)

  • Business and personal self interests can be an impediment
  • the automobile has more power
  • people in power need more broadened experiences of the city
  • 4. Who else might support….? (again, we didn’t land on a single question so the responses are varied)

4. Who else might support….? (again, we didn’t land on a single question so the responses are varied)

  • get at political candidates before they are elected
  • seniors and youth and young adults
  • an engaged community rather than a disconnected one

Wrap up statement from the first group:

  • “Bottom up, inspired and engaged population leading to an inspired official plan.”

Second group

1. Develop connections and build community through small groups: neighbourhood associations, churches, gardens.

2. Consider biodiversity and ecological integrity: natural environments include all sentient beings.

Final connecting statement from second group: community engagement and interconnection may be found through the concept or metaphor of BIOSPHERE – a place where all things are connected biologically. We are humans connected to the air and water and wildlife around us, we cannot be fragmented and isolated. Accept the interdependencies.

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